A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Drew is a multiplayer survival game. Players find themselves in an intricate maze. Their goal is simple: exit the labyrinth. However, Drew has been set loose on them and his goal is to make sure they don't leave...

As they navigate through the decrepit barn house, the poor souls must use their flashlights carefully. Drew could easily see the beams of light and rush after his prey.

Install instructions

UPDATE (4/9/2015): New main menu and pause menu system has been made.

-Players: 1-4


-Left Analog Stick/WASD: Move Player

-Right Analog Stick/Mouse: Look Around

-A/Left-Click: Toggle Flashlight On/Off

-Right Bumper/Right-Click: Sprint

-Start/ESC: Pause


Drew (Windows) 31 MB
Drew (Mac) 33 MB
Drew (Linux) 33 MB