A downloadable game for Windows

Compete with your friends in a randomly generated map engulfed in complete darkness. Although visibility is non-existent, your shot can help illuminate the way. However, the other competitors aren't the only danger here as your shots are able to ricochet off surfaces and potentially become a threat to you. Can you survive the FlashShot tournament?

-2-4 Players
-Xbox Controllers Required

Game Info:

-Stalactites: Choose whether to add random shapes that protrude from the ceiling.

-Invisibility: Objects are invisible, unless hit by a bullet. At that point they become visible and illuminate the area around them.

-Being hit will cause you to glow for a small amount of time.

Created for the IST Game Jam by:

Todd Stolz-Schroeder
Rodrigo Rojas Ferrer
Jonathan Valderrama
Andrew Connell
Jeff Alverado
Devon Veller
Sharlin Milliard
Melinda Gomez


FlashShot (Windows) 14 MB